‘We’re still in trouble’: City officials concerned with high COVID-19 death count

‘We’re still in trouble’: City officials concerned with high COVID-19 death count

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In the last seven days, at least 48 families are planning a loved one’s funeral instead of planning their Thanksgiving dinner.

During today’s city news conference, Lubbock Health Authority Doctor Ron Cook explained why we are seeing an average of five deaths a day.

“It’s a matter of pure numbers. Since we’re seeing a significant number of positive cases and the spread with in the communities it hits those vulnerable patients hard,” Dr. Cook said.

Despite the rise in COVID-19 related deaths, Mayor Dan Pope said our morgue capacity is not in trouble.

“There was a mobile morgue unit parked here in Lubbock in case we needed it, which has been dispatched today to El Paso,” Pope said.

After seeing a new high death count of 18 on Tuesday, Dr. Cook said we should gather safely this Thanksgiving or not at all.

“We’re still in trouble. We’re still in trouble. All the more reason to have a safe Thanksgiving,” Cook said.

As local hospitals struggle to keep up with the latest surge, the city is watching the number of open beds. A few days ago, there was negative 25 available beds, which means people with treatable illnesses had to wait hours for a bed.

City officials hope the new antibody therapy will reduce our hospital capacity. Doctor Ron Cook explains what happens if you qualify for the drug.

“If you are picked it takes about three hours to do the process. By the time we get you registered it takes about an hour to infuse the drug and then we need to monitor you for about an hour after that to make sure that you don’t have any side effects,” Dr. Cook said.

More about the anti-body treatment here.

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