Lubbock retailers grateful for Black Friday shoppers at South Plains Mall

Black Friday shopping at South Plains Mall

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Black Friday brought thousands of Lubbock shoppers back to South Plains Mall, crowds that local retailers haven’t seen since the COVID pandemic began.

Heather Winn, the owner of Dorothy Genes, a ladies and children’s boutique inside the mall for almost ten years, says the day started off slow but Friday’s business is the best she’s seen since COVID-19 hit in March.

“This one and usually the Saturday before Christmas are usually the busiest days of the year and it’s great and people are in a good mood. They’re wearing their masks, they’re taking precautions. All in all, it’s been a really good day.”

Heather says business has been tough this year, so seeing shoppers come back was very exciting.

“A lot of us have already gone out of business. There’s a few small businesses in the mall that are hanging on. I think if we can make it through the holidays without shutting down, then we are going to do good.”

Heather’s mom owns another local business four stores down from Heather called “Hippie Chick.”

Employee Sue Drysdale said Hippie Chick has been a popular place for shopping for adult and children’s apparel and accessories and jewelry for 25 years.

Sue says she’s grateful for the business today, but things do not feel back to normal just yet.

“We were shut down in the mall May 19 and it’s not been the same since. I think everybody has felt the brunt and we are praying to get through every day and working hard to show her store off the best way we can.”

Sue says she believes people are still being extra cautious.

“It’s something we are all going through and we have never done before, and we all understand that. We want you to get out and try and enjoy some of the fun of it and enjoy the Christmas shopping like you used to.”

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