Mother heartbroken after son dies from injuries suffered in officer-involved shooting

Mother heartbroken after son dies from officer-involved shooting

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A suspect in a domestic violence call was shot by a Lubbock County sheriff’s deputy on Thursday night.

LCSO says they were responding to the call around 9 p.m. Thursday when shots were fired.

The call was originally from the 5500 block of CR 1260, but they say the suspect was in the 11300 block of CR 7000 when he was shot, wounded and taken to the hospital by EMS.

The suspect was identified as Michael Anthony Pena, 31. He died from his injuries on Friday.

Pena’s family reached out to us on Friday. Pena’s mother, Velma Vela, is desperate for answers. She’s been told her son got in a fight with his girlfriend and started walking. The girlfriend notified authorities. That’s all Vela was able to learn when Wolfforth police notified her about his death on Friday afternoon.

Velma is heartbroken that she was not able to be with her son in the hospital.

“Somebody should have called me,” Vela said. “Somebody should have told me. If he was alive until this morning, I could have been there. He probably could have pulled through, knowing I was there. Dying alone, after being shot for whatever reason... We don’t even know how he died except that it was from gunshot wounds. Was it one, was it 20?”

Vela has still not been able to see her son at the Medical Examiner’s office as of Friday evening.

The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office says the deputy involved in this case has been placed on paid administrative leave, as per department policy for all officer-involved shootings.

Lubbock Sheriff Kelly Rowe had no comment on Friday evening.

Texas Rangers are still investigating this incident.

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