‘Please, let me kill her’: Man on drugs threatens neighbors

Man on drugs threatens neighbors

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A local woman is warning her neighbors to be careful after a man on drugs tried to break in and threatened to kill her at her home in South West Lubbock.

25-year-old Kevin Realme was arrested on the scene for public intoxication and criminal trespassing.

Part of the incident was caught on a Ring doorbell camera and Realme is seen yelling, “I’ll kill her myself. I want to kill my mom. I want to kill her. Please let me kill her. Please let me kill her.”

Theresa Parish rushed to make sure her door was locked, but Realme was trying to break down the door. After several attempts to make him leave, his behavior became more violent.

“So I grabbed a hammer and started chasing him off my property. The problem was, is that he wasn’t scared, like of me chasing him off the property. So he just started getting in my face and screaming at me that he was going to kill me for some reason he thought I was his mother,” Parish said.

Terrified and confused, Parish called police, who arrested Realme on the scene.

Police reports state that Realme was “high on shrooms.”

Parish made contact with Realme’s mother, who explained that her son suffered from drug addiction and mental illness. She also explained that she had kicked Realme out because she had tested positive for COVID-19.

An unfortunate series of events led Realme to her door that night, now Parish wants to warn neighbors to be careful.

“Our neighborhood always seems safe. And I know a lot of my neighbors do the same thing, don’t lock their cars, don’t lock their houses up. Because it’s been generally safe where we live at. But you have got to make sure that you protect yourself because you never know when some random crazy person is going to lose it,” Parish said.

LPD says call police immediately if someone is trying to break in or threaten you. Do not engage with someone acting violent.

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