Donations still needed for Giving Tuesday

Donations needed for Giving Tuesday

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - With pandemic-related job losses and money hard to come by, giving this holiday season may be a little more difficult.

A Gallup poll from over the summer found, because the pandemic, charitable giving has decreased quite a bit.

But the Lubbock-based Community Foundation of West Texas continues to urge residents to give this Tuesday, which is called Giving Tuesday. The day is described as a generosity movement that encourages others to give, either to people or organizations, according to

“You’ve got Thanksgiving on Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday,” Michelle Tosi-Stephens, vice president of development and external affairs with CFWTX, said. “And it’s a day to give back to your community and give to those who are really needing the help.”

Since Lubbock started to participate in Giving Tuesday, CFWTX has helped to raise more than $1 million to local non-profits. And all that money went straight to those organizations.

This year, the goal is to raise $250,000, which is down from last year’s $500,000. However, that goal was surpassed and organizers were able to raise more than $420,000 by the end of Tuesday.

There are currently 53 organizations that can be found on CFWTX’s website. For anyone who wants to donate to any of them, they should choose, then click and write in the amount they want to give.

Find that website here

“We oversee the project, but we do not make any money off that,” Tosi-Stephens, said. “This is all to help the non-profits be successful.”

Online donations have been available since Nov. 3, but the deadline to give is by the end of Tuesday.

However, for those who cannot make that deadline there are still alternatives. This year the United Family will continue to take donations for CFWTX until Sunday, Dec. 6.

All the money donated will be put into a pool, then distributed to all 53 non-profits.

“You may have somebody put in a $5,000 check. But then you see somebody scraping for the change at the bottom of their purse,” Tosi-Stephens, said. “And to me, that means more than anything.”

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