Dr. Rollo optimistic about final weeks leading up to Christmas break

Dr. Rollo optimistic about final weeks leading up to Christmas break

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - There are just a little over three weeks until Christmas break for Lubbock ISD students and LISD Superintendent Dr. Kathy Rollo is planning for a safe, optimistic last couple of weeks before the new year.

Dr. Rollo just recently got over COVID-19 herself.

“Yesterday was my first day back at work in the office face to face. And it felt so good to be back. I am doing very well, thank you,” said Dr. Rollo.

Now, she says, her priority is to reduce the spread and keep campuses safe.

“And so we have to continue using the protocols we have in place. And then this is also a very great time for instruction. So make sure that we’re continuing to meet the needs of our students academically, socially, emotionally.”

Right now, she says 143 active COVID cases are happening between staff and students with more students with COVID. It’s a number she is hoping will not go up with students on Thanksgiving break last week.

“So we’re hoping that actually the week off of school for Thanksgiving may actually help us rather than hurt us, and that we had people at home and not mingling as much.”

Dr. Rollo also said if you want your child to go back to virtual learning right now, it is something that is possible if you contact your school principal. She asks that families avoid this because it makes it extremely tough on teachers to teach students in-person and via technology at the same time, but there are provisions to make this happen.

“So we are trying to restrict students from going back and forth from virtual to face to face to our grading periods, our nine week grading periods.”

“And if they have a situation in their family where they need to quarantine or they’re just, they just say ‘I want to go virtual’, what we will do is that child will remain with their classroom teacher until the end of the grading period. And then we will shift them over to our virtual school. So their teachers would change at the grading period.”

Substitute teachers are high needed right now too. Dr. Rollo said right now, they need twice as many this year as they did this time last year. This is due to more than 700 staff and students quarantininf at home either because they have positive case or because they have been around someone with a positive case…. but most are not sick.

“We have increased our substitute pay slightly. And if you have any questions about that, please contact our human resources office.”

If you have any questions, visit https://www.lubbockisd.org/

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