City of Lubbock discusses vaccine, changes to CDC’s quarantine guidelines in virtual COVID-19 news conference

City of Lubbock discusses vaccine, changes to CDC’s quarantine guidelines in virtual COVID-19 news conference

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Wednesday, the City Of Lubbock held a virtual news conference updating everyone on the latest COVID-19 news including the newest quarantine restriction guidelines from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention.

Katherine Wells with the City of Lubbock Health Department said the CDC’s new quarantine guidelines should be official by the end of the week. The new guidelines are for those who have been exposed to COVID, not those who have tested positive.

“We’re gonna start seeing two different ways to look at who needs to be under quarantine or when you can be released from quarantine,” explained Wells.

This shortens the quarantine time to just seven to ten days if that person is not showing symptoms.

Read more on the CDC’s quarantine guidelines, click here.

City leaders also discussed COVID vaccines and antibody therapy treatment. Wells says around 100 people have received the antibody therapy treatment.

“On November 23, we have infused 80 of the original 82 doses that we received,” said President & CEO for UMC, Mark Funderburk. He said they received more treatments Wednesday and more is on the way.

Wednesday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the State of Texas is set to receive more than 1.4 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and that it should arrive the week of December the 14th.

“We are preparing for a December 14 start date as far as when we’ll open up our first vaccine clinic here in the hospital for frontline care providers,” said Funderburk, “then we’ll have other dates, set up and locations as well.”

Doctor Ron Cook, the Public Health Authority, said the vaccine is a ‘safe drug.’

“It is a safe drug,” said Cook. “It is going to cause reactions like a typical flu shot or tetanus shot or some of our other vaccines, you’re going to have some soreness in your arm, you’re going to have some muscle aches and pains, but that’s the immune system doing its job- building antibodies against the virus.”

Cook says it will take 2 doses to be fully vaccinated against the virus. The second shot is set to be given four weeks after the first shot, but its going to take six to seven weeks to build immunity to the virus.

“What this means is we cannot stop what we’re doing. We can’t stop wearing your mask and washing our hands and keeping socially distanced.”

You can watch today’s news conference in the link below.

City of Lubbock COVID-19 News Conference 12/02/2020 - clipped version

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