Historic west Texas 6666′s ranches are for sale

6666 Ranch in Texas for sale
6666 Ranch in Texas for sale(Chas S. Middleton)
Updated: Dec. 3, 2020 at 3:22 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The legendary 6666′s Ranches, first established in 1870 and now spanning hundreds of thousands of acres across west Texas, are being sold.

Sam Middleton, Owner/Broker of Chas. S Middleton and Son Farm - Ranch Sales, announced the 6666′s Ranches sale in a release Thursday.

These ranches are comprised of three separate divisions for a total of 266,255± acres. The 6666′s Ranch located at Guthrie, Texas contains 142,372± acres. The Dixon Creek section spans 114,455± acres of land in Carson and Hutchinson counties.

The third division is Frisco Creek, with 9,428± acres located in Sherman County.

The 6666′s Ranch began with Captain Samuel Burk Burnett, who became one of the most influential and prosperous cattlemen in the history of Texas, after he purchased the land from the Louisville Land and Cattle Company.

At the age of 19, Burnett purchased 100 head of cattle which had been branded with the 6666′s brand, soon to be the namesake of the 8 ranch he then purchased near Guthrie in King County. Soon after, he purchased the Dixon Creek Ranch in the Texas Panhandle and also began to expand the 8 Ranch into what now is known as the 6666′s Ranch.

The impressive main house, built in 1917, still stands at the 6666′s Ranch.

After Captain Burnett’s death in 1920, he willed the bulk of his estate to his daughter, Anne Valliant Burnett. Oil was discovered on the property in 1921 and business expanded greatly.

By 1936, there were 20,000 Hereford cattle on the ranch, as well as purebred quarter horses.

In February of this year, the descendent of Captain Burnett, Anne Burnett Marion passed away. The terms of her will dictated all of her ranching operations would be sold.

Information about the sale of the 6666′s Ranches can be found at or call 806.763.5331.

To learn more about the history of the 6666′s Ranches, visit the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock.

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