Lubbock hotels struggling, but getting some help from construction, football games

Lubbock hotels struggling as football season comes to an end

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock’s hotel occupancy is at record lows, but football games have provided a glimmer of hope through the season.

Texas Tech professor Michael Noel said Lubbock is not dependent on tourist travel like New York or other cities, but we’re lucky to generate some traffic from football games.

“Five or six of the busiest days for hotels are the days of a home football game. Football was not at full capacity. It was only at a fraction and that trickles down to fewer people staying at those hotels on those weekends,” Noel said.

Rob Myers with the Lubbock Hotel Association says hotels that rely on conventions and conferences have had to change their strategy.

“We went from doing three four conventions a week to doing zero,” Myers said. “So we try to come up with different ideas, try new things and run different specials and try to get people to come in.”

Some major hotels like the Embassy Suites have had to permanently close their doors, but throughout the pandemic, construction has continued on several hotels.

“Largely that construction tends to go on as normal. If everything goes well for those developers, they will open their hotels at the same time people are ready to go back to them,” Noel said.

As construction continues, the hotels who house those workers are doing the best.

“Hotels that rely on construction workers, those are doing a little bit better. And those who serve the general travel public are doing much worse,” Noel said.

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