38th Annual U Can Share asking for funds, not food for increased need at South Plains Food Bank

U Can Share asking for funds instead of food this year

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Thousands more of our South Plains neighbors are hungry as 2020 comes to an end. The 38th Annual U Can Share Fund Drive - on KCBD Dec. 7 through 12 - is giving the community a chance to make a difference and end that hunger.

“The 38th Annual U Can Share Fund Drive is so important for us because, since April 1, we have increased our numbers by 10,000 plus,” South Plains Food Bank CEO Dina Jeffries said. “Those numbers are astounding. When you really reflect on those numbers, there’s a face behind that number.”

Jeffries took the helm of the food bank in July of this year. She told KCBD that it’s exciting to see how people have worked to ensure this traditional event will be successful, even though it will be different. The SBFB, adapting to the pandemic, is requesting monetary donations instead of food.

“We’re following recommendations from Feeding America and Feeding Texas not to take in cans of donated food this year,” Jeffries said. “We want to keep everyone safe; not only the people we serve, but also the people making the food boxes and the staff and volunteers here at the food bank.”

The money will allow the SPFB to purchase the food that’s needed, when it’s needed.

“We are bringing in more pounds of food and then distributing even more pounds of food,” Jeffries said. “It’s really important that we have the funds in place to supplement what we are not getting, but also that we take care of storage issues. We can buy the food as we need it and not have to store it. We can bring it in quicker and then get it out quicker. We are a true distribution center here at the food bank.”

KCBD will be live from the United Supermarkets location at 82nd and Frankford throughout the week with special coverage of SPFB and the community’s generosity. Supporters can submit donations or bid on silent auction items by clicking here.

“In a world where you can be anything, let’s be kind. U Can Share is making a difference,” Jeffries said. “You can make a difference. You may just be one person, but when you come together with your circles of influence, now you can make a bigger difference. A bigger difference means a bigger impact and together is the only way we are going to stamp out hunger and food insecurities on the South Plains.”

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