$7.8 million reimbursed to City of Lubbock for Coronavirus expenses

$7.8 million reimbursed to City of Lubbock for Coronavirus expenses

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Texas Division of Emergency Management has reimbursed the City of Lubbock 7.8 million dollars in funds spent on various Coronavirus expenses.

According to City Manager, Jarrett Atkinson, The City of Lubbock was allocated around 14.1 million dollars to be distributed by TDEM. The terms said it would be given after expenses related to the Coronavirus were made by the City.

“The state gave us 20% of that amount or $2.8 million that came to us up front as a direct kind of seed money to get you started,” said Atkinson.

$3.2 million was allocated towards what Atkinson calls direct assistance.

“So the direct assistance were things like rental assistance, mortgage assistance, utility payment assistance, childcare, childcare assistance, and then the micro grant side of that.”

After this, the city was left with a little more than $10 million to use. It was spent on public safety expenses like:

“Supplies, public health efforts, public health education efforts, public safety, payroll tax expenses. Simple example: early on the city spent a tremendous amount of money buying PPE out on the open market. If you think back to march into April in May, that was a huge challenge.”

Atkinson says we are still waiting for $6.3 million to be distributed to the City of Lubbock by the state.

“And I don’t think we’re going to have any challenge in getting it back. There’s the deadline, it’s a deadline for expenditure. And it’s the end of December, we had qualified out the $14 million a couple of months ago. So we’re not in danger of losing that. And I don’t expect we’ll have any issues getting it reimbursed to us.”

Atkinson says he believes Lubbock is ahead of the game of other cities looking to getting reimbursements. He said the City put in their first request in July.

Atkinson said there are still unused federal funds for rental and mortgage assistance. More information can be given by calling 311 and asking for Karen Murphy in Community Development.

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