Red Cross providing aid to victims of Central Lubbock apartment fire

Red Cross assisting after apartment fire

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Whether it’s a hurricane, hail storm or fire, the Red Cross says they’re always there to help.

Right now, the local chapter is helping at least two victims from Sunday night’s fire at Omni Apartments in Central Lubbock. Lubbock Fire and Rescue reported no injuries, but more did say more than a dozen units were affected. On Monday, the Executive Director of The Red Cross of Lubbock, Deborah Finlayson said at least two victims had no where to stay for the night. Finlayson says if asked, they are willing to provide other services to victims who did have places to stay.

“So we will follow up with them and find out what their needs are,” said Finlayson.

“We also provide mental health assistance. So people will say, ‘Oh no. I don’t need that.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, let me go ahead and put you down for that. And that way, if you feel like you just want to talk to somebody you you’re already set up.’”

Finlayson says The Red Cross can help victims get back their prescriptions including eye-glass prescriptions, if they are left behind during a disaster.

“And we don’t want people to be homeless. So we’re going to follow them through to make sure that they are in a place where they can call, they can call home as long as we can possibly help them.”

Finlayson says COVID has brought down funding for The Red Cross across the nation, but Finlayson says this hasn’t affected their quality of services, saying with fire victims they are still able to offer financial assistance like they did PRE-COVID.

Finlayson says The Red Cross will keep in contact with you for a long-period of time after the disaster to keep up with you and make sure you’re able to provide yourself again with main priorities and will even help set you up with non-profits if you are looking for another home.

If you are a victim of a disaster like the most recent fires, called the Disaster Services dispatch at 1-866-505-4801.

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