New traffic signal installed and running at University Avenue and 91st street

New Traffic Signal at University and 91st

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It was discovered two years ago at University and 91st street, 21,000 thousand people would travel through 91st and university within a 24 hour period. In 2020, it was 37,000 people.

Tuesday was the first day of operation for a new traffic signal at 91st Street and University Avenue.

Lubbock city traffic engineer, Sharmon Owens, says the process of putting in a signal starts with a request from a citizen and then is followed by different studies such as looking at street data like timing for how long it takes to turn onto the main street and number of crashes in the area.

“And with that information, we work on the warrant study, and it’s got to meet warrant criteria, based on the manual of uniform traffic control devices,” said Owens.

Then this information is all taken to the Citizens Traffic Commission before an approval process.

Jimmy Walker, a resident in the area, says traffic comes from most people heading north on University. He is in favor of the new traffic signal.

“It’s going to slow the traffic down and may make it easier to get on University now.”

In the area near 91st and University, multiple crashes have taken place over the years including a married couple who were severely injured after a car rammed into their home in 93rd and University in 2015, leaving the husband with life-long injuries.

Other fatal motorcycle and vehicle crashes have happened in the area including one this past May when an 84-year-old attempted to turn left onto 87th street after heading southbound on University and another car hit her and the woman died.

“So we do hope that people will recognize that there’s a traffic signal now in place up there, and it’ll designate the right-of-way of who gets to go,” said Owens.

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