WATCH: Covenant infectious disease specialist addresses misconceptions about COVID vaccine

City leaders welcome first doses of COVID vaccine

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City of Lubbock held a virtual news conference spotlighting the point of view of local frontline healthcare workers Wednesday, Dec. 16., at 6:30 p.m.

Dr. Ron Cook said the goal of this vaccine is to get life back to normal, to get people back to work. Many people will be able to get treatments and the vaccine at no cost. Check with your Primary Care Physician to see if you’re eligible.

Dr. Cook and Dr. Duriex encouraged everyone to keep up precautions such as masks and social distancing as the rollout continues.

Dr. Dennis Duriex, Infectious Disease Specialist for Covenant Health, reminded everyone this vaccine can only work if people take it. He said he was in the early group to get vaccinated and has had no negative effects. Duriex said 60 or 70% of people need to be immune to this virus before we can eradicate it.

Dr. Duriex explained how the RNA vaccine works, saying it tricks the body into thinking it has COVID to provoke an immune response, but does not actually give people COVID-19.

Misconceptions about the vaccine

Dr. Duriex dealt with several misconceptions about the vaccine:

People who have been vaccinated will not test positive for COVID-19.

The vaccine will not make females infertile.

The vaccine does not contain any kind of tracking or GPS components.

The vaccine does not interfere with DNA, it does not cross into the nucleus of the cell where DNA is stored, so it cannot induce mutations in people.

Dr. Duriex encourages everyone to get the vaccine so everyone can return to their normal lives.

Dawn Robinson was particularly grateful for the community support the hospitals have received from Lubbock, volunteers making face shields and masks, acts of kindness for health care workers, and all the public expressions of support.

Panelists for the news conference included Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, Dr. Ron Cook, Public Health Authority, Dr. Dennis Duriex, Infectious Disease Specialist for Covenant Health, Dawn Robinson, Director of Respiratory Care Services at Covenant Health, Dr. Ebtesam Islam, Pulmonologist for UMC, and Jessica Wolff, Director of Intensive Critical Care Unit at UMC.

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