Good Samaritan spreads Christmas cheer with $100,000 check to Salvation Army in Plainview

Updated: Dec. 23, 2020 at 9:04 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In a year full of uncertainty and heartache, a Good Samaritan in Plainview has helped to turn the tide for countless families in Hale County. The generosity came in the form of a substantial check last week, made out to the Salvation Army for $100,000.

Two of the recipients we spoke with say while the amount of money they received was without a doubt overwhelming, and they are extremely grateful, it was the gesture of goodwill this Christmas season that left them in tears.

“The theme this year was to rescue Christmas and that’s definitely been done in Plainview, Texas this year, in so many ways,” said Shelly Thrasher, co-chairman of the advisory board.

She and Olivia Hernandez, manager of the Salvation Army, said last week’s gift came out of the blue, in the form of a man no one there knew. The pair say their conversation began in a rather typical fashion, with questions about the services offered, “I said, do you have any other questions that I can answer? And he just said nope, I just need a desk to write out my check,” Thrasher said.

In a year when seasonal giving is down due to COVID-19, a swipe of the pen gave hope to the hopeless.

“He stood up and he said ‘I just want to quadruple your budget’,” Thrasher said.

A budget that provides for multiple services, including food boxes, rental and utility assistance, as well as the Christmas program.

Thrasher and Hernandez say this gift is a testament to the heart of West Texas, and they have a message for the man who brought Christmas cheer without the need of any reindeer.

“Thank you so much for believing in the Salvation Army in Plainview, Texas,” Thrasher said.

“He’s our bright star. We’ve been talking about that shining star, the bright star, the Christmas star. He was our star,” Hernandez said.

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