Director of Public Health & City of Lubbock Employee Speak on First Day of Vaccines

City of Lubbock Employee receives COVID vaccine
City of Lubbock Employee receives COVID vaccine(KCBD)
Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 9:39 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - According to the state’s vaccine dashboard, as of Monday evening, more than 5,000 people received the first of two doses.

“As soon as we get more vaccines, we’re going to be setting up more clinics. My goal is as soon as it comes in the door to get it out,” said Katherine Wells, Director of Public Health for the City of Lubbock.

Wells says the tiered distribution of the vaccine is designed for specific reasons. Begininng with those who are at the greatest risk; specifically front-line workers and first-responders. People like Ashley Lucas, a Lubbock Police Department dispatcher who has Cystic Fibrosis; a lung condition which could be complicated by COVID.

Wells says the Health Department is working with employers to notify their employees when they are able to receive the vaccine. A notification which meant the world to Lucas.

“I was in tears on the way up there because it’s something that we’ve been waiting on. We all want COVID to be over, we all want to stop being affected so much by it,” said Lucas.

“The next step is really going to be looking at targeting older individuals or individuals with an underlying health condition and then from there we will move to the general public,” added Wells. Which is why she is encouraging the public to pay attention to the news and to verified social media sources for when its their turn to receive a vaccine, “We’re going to have enough for everybody, it’s just going to take some time.”

Both Wells and Lucas are encouraging not only patience, “It’s going to take all of us to get everybody vaccinated. It can’t just be the Health Department vaccinating, or one doctor’s office. There’s so many people, I mean we have 200 - 300,000 people that need a vaccine here, so it’s going to be work for all of us,” said Wells.

They are asking for their cooperation as well when it comes to receiving the vaccine, “I’m so hopeful that so many people do, because the more people that do, the less it spreads and it’s gonna be over. we haven’t had hope in a long time and I’m glad we have something to be hopeful about again.”

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