’We have waited since March for this’: Nursing home residents and staff receiving COVID-19 vaccines through CVS

Nursing home residents and staff receiving COVID-19 vaccines through CVS

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - CVS Health began vaccinating nursing home staff and residents on Monday after setting up shop at a local nursing home.

Wilshire Nursing home on the city’s North West side was among the first of two thousand long term care facilities to be vaccinated through CVS in Texas.

Regional Director of Wilshire nursing homes Jill Norris said residents and staff are required to get vaccinated unless they have a doctors note.

“They get set up and we have all the paperwork ready and they will take employees one by one, get the shot and then they will go into residents’ rooms and the residents will get their vaccine,” Norris said.

The vaccine comes after months of suffering for residents, their loved ones and staff. Nursing homes were one of the first coronavirus hot spots and although many facilities are free from the virus, isolation and protection continues to break hearts.

“We try our best with Zoom and Facetime, but its not the same as a hug from your loved one,” Norris said. “We have dealt with depression… and anxiety… since March 15. More so than we ever have in this industry.”

As they await their second dose of the Pfizer shot, Norris said they will continue to look on the bright side.

“There is hope. We are going to get our family time. And we’re just going to continue positive thinking,” Norris said.

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