City of Lubbock Health Department waiting on next round of vaccine distribution for group 1B

City of Lubbock Health Department waiting on next round of vaccine distribution for group 1B

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City Of Lubbock Health Department held two clinics to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, using up a limited number of doses provided for at-risk groups.

The city had a limited amount to use for the at-risk group like diabetics and people over 65. Those 300 slots were quickly filled, leaving the city focused on healthcare workers in the 1A group until they receive more vaccine doses from the state.

Katherine Wells with the City Of Lubbock Health Department explained the difference between group 1A and 1B.

“1A a is our hospital workers, home health hospice providers, first responder, so anybody that’s on the go out to a 911 call,” Wells said. “Our 1B are individuals over 65 or people with an underlying health condition.”

The City said they received help from Covenant Medical Center and University Medical Center in the form of 1,400 doses distributed during the vaccine clinic on December 31. Over the three clinic days, the City of Lubbock Public Health Department reported that they vaccinated 2,161 people.

To see more on the state’s guidelines for who can receive the COVID-19 vaccine, click here.

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Home Health Occupational Therapy Assistant, Stacy Mansell, received her vaccine Thursday.

“The process went really smooth. There was about three or four sections of lines and it probably took about an hour and a half process. They monitor you for about 15 minutes and compared it to kind of like the flu vaccine,” Mansell said. “I feel like it kind of safeguards me with my field that I work in, and I can better serve my patients.”

Debbie Ernst is in the 1B group of citizens. She also received her vaccine on Thursday.

“You come right, and you fill out paperwork that’s very short. They take you to the next little line, then we go get your vaccination. It’s a piece of cake,” Ernst said. “Everybody needs to do it.”

Wells said 300 appointments for the Moderna vaccine were filled up in about an hour and a half. Many callers were frustrated as they were not able to get through to the Health Department to get an appointment.

Wells said the health department received word two days ago about the limited number of doses available for this 1B group.

“We tried to set up this clinic as quickly as possible, and there’s gonna be lots of clinics. Hopefully, after this, we’ll be able to either schedule out in the future, and we’re also looking at an online option.”

Wells said the health department is not scheduling future vaccination appointments at this time since it is unclear when the next shipment will be.

“The state tells us at the beginning of the week whether or not we’re going to get vaccine. I was already told that I’m not going to receive vaccine next week, so hopefully that following week.”

All vaccinations are going into the state database called ImmTrac2 where the health department can see the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. Wells said that information should be available on the city’s COVID-19 dashboard sometime next week

Late Thursday, the City of Lubbock reported they expect to receive an additional 1,000 vaccine doses over the weekend, with plans to open additional vaccination clinics when the new doses are received.

The health department says they will keep everyone updated on when the next stock of vaccines arrives in Lubbock for the 1B group and when and how to sign up for those appointments.

Click here to visit the City of Lubbock’s website about COVID-19.

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