Group of former military and law enforcement personnel help find Lubbock teen

Missing Lubbock 14-year-old found

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - 14-year-old Carah Clair, who became a popular name on social media throughout Lubbock after it was reported that she was missing, was found late Monday afternoon. A group of former military servicemen and former law enforcement personnel helped find her.

The group is called “Operation: Preying on Predators”. They help catch predators, sex traffickers, and runaway children in Big Spring, Abilene, and Lubbock. The Lubbock Division started in September.

It was reported Carah first went missing on Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Her mother, Stevi Britton, wrote on her Facebook page, asking her friends to keep their eyes open and alert as they looked for the teenager.

The co-founder of the group: “Operation: Preying on Predators” didn’t want to be named, but said they’re blessed to do what they do.

“But we don’t want any of our team members to get blindsided or hurt, or their families get attacked because of the efforts we do. So we take what we do is very serious. It’s almost like a sense of anonymous. But we have some amazing people that work with us, and we’re grateful. We’re grateful to be in Lubbock.”

“Each of our members have different reasons why they have chosen to be a part of P.O.P. For many it is a way for them to serve their country even after retirement. There is no doubt because of the training that we have all experienced throughout the years, it has made our organization as successful as it is. Since September, 18 kids have been reunited with their families we have located every child that we have been tasked with finding.”

The co-founder of the group says he waits for families to reach out to them for help, adding in this case, through surveillance footage, they were able to get a lead, which lead to finding Carah.

“Anytime the family’s cooperative with us, we’re able to gather the information that we need and actually put in the work. So yes, do we knock on doors at times we do. We use pretty much any tactic we can to locate the child. And so I don’t really want to say where she was found, but I do want to say she was found safely.”

The same group found another teenager in November who went missing and was found in Michigan. Police say a Michigan man was traveling with a child across state lines in order to commit a sex crime.

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