Bandmates remember late musician and friend Brad Moore

Friends, bandmates remember late musician and friend Brad Moore

ACUFF, Texas (KCBD) - On Wednesday, friends and bandmates of former Brownfield Mayor Brad Moore grieved their friend and mentor, in the best way they thought they could. Moore died in a crash over the weekend.

Alan Crossland the Owner of Route 1 Acuff Studios, Jonny Hughes who plays keys, Dustin Garrett a guitarist, Brian Maines who plays drums, and Joy Harris a bass player gathered in the recording studio to remember Moore.

This group of musicians said they were in the process of recording another studio album before Christmas. Tragically, brad was killed in an accident just after the new year. The group working with Moore four about five years.

“We’re on number four (album) now, or number five or coming up,” said Garrett. “He’s been a great client to work with and we really gained the friendship out of it. He’s been a part of our lives every year, almost every quarter of the year, we’ve got to work with him in some form.”

“We had so much fun on these sessions,” said Crossland. “After a point, we knew what was expected of everybody. We had some moments where we were laughing so hard, we couldn’t hard work. It’s just a blast working on it.”

“I really enjoyed getting to listen to his storylines of his tunes, because there’s a few of them that had really unique perspectives about just life in general, or how to think about things from a faith perspective,” said Harris.

The band says Moore was a humble man wanting to share a simple message.

“His ministry was not for monetary gain,” said Garrett. “This just was to share his love for Christ and then to show what kind of Christian he was, and hopefully bring people to the Lord.”

“Well, he talks a lot about how the CD’s and the songs they were ministry, not only whenever he would pass them out and give them away to people; but they were also ministry whenever we were in here, in the middle of recording those songs. And I think that’s, it’s amazing that that’s still going to be true, he’s still going to be ministering to us through his lyrics and through his music, even whenever he’s present with Jesus and absent with us,” said Hughes. “That’s pretty amazing.”

“Bringing people to God through his music, it was a great ministry, and I hope that that just spreads like wildfire now with his life and legacy,” said Garrett.

“We know that he would want that right? He would want us to keep going with his- whatever is left of his music,” said Maines. “I think he will even want us to just do our best and we’re gonna miss him when we’re in here.”

This group says they are working with the family to finish the album and are unsure of a release date.

Services for Moore will be on Sunday afternoon at Lakeridge chapel. The services are open to the public.

You can find more info on Moore’s music, click here.

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