Brownfield Regional Medical Center hosted second opportunity for vaccinations

Brownfield Regional Medical Center hosted second opportunity for vaccinations

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Today was the second time Brownfield residents had the opportunity to get vaccinated at the Brownfield Regional Medical Center and the CEO says they’ve vaccinated 300 people so far.

“We’re one of the rural hospitals that had to wait and Covenant and UMC in Lubbock got it a week before we did,” said Jerry Jasper, the CEO of the hospital in a town with nearly 10,000 people.

Jasper said shortly after the first batch arrived, front-care workers were able to get their vaccine.

“90 percent of them got it,” he said.

Then, they were able to distribute it to those in the public who wanted it.

A screening process was the first step for individuals who showed up. On the first day of the vaccination open to the public last week, they allowed people of all ages with comorbidities to drive up and get the vaccine.

This week, on Thursday, they vaccinated those 65 and older.

“We did 200 the first week in the public and we did 100 today.”

Jasper is part of the Texas Organization of Rural Hospitals and says 27 other rural hospitals in the area are still waiting for their vaccine shipments.

“We were able to help out Lynn County Hospital and also La Mesa...because we got ours before they were able to get their vaccine. So we were able to bring their staff over here to help them vaccine... get the vaccine for their staff.”

As the hospital waits for another shipment, Jasper says they’re happy they’ve been able to vaccinate 300 people.

“We’re hoping to slow it down here in our community. Definitely. So we’re hoping everything we do that we hope helps.”

The hospital is vaccinating patients with the Moderna vaccine, which Jasper says is convenient since it does not need to be stored in sub-zero temperatures.

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