TxDOT preparing for Lubbock’s first winter storm of the new year

TxDOT preparing for Lubbock's first winter storm of the new year

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The city of Lubbock is preparing for the first winter storm of the new year.

Mike Gilliland with City of Lubbock Public Works says at midnight Sunday morning, workers will begin 12-hour shifts, laying sand and salt at major intersections when needed, and plowing snow on emergency traffic routes.

“We’ve got plenty of sand and salt on hand. We have the barricades we need. They’re loaded and ready. Equipment’s ready. Our labor guys know what’s coming. We’re ready to go,” Gilliland said.

Dianah Ascencio with TxDOT says the agency has already been pre-treating major roadways like I-27, Marsha Sharp Freeway, and US-84, with a salt water solution.

“Once we do get any type of wintry weather, we’ll go into 12-hour shift-work and our crews will work around the clock until all roadways are clear of any kind of ice and snow,” Ascencio said.

The Emergency Operation Center also opens at midnight Sunday morning.

Police, fire, EMS, and Public Works will be working together to keep drivers safe.

“It may start as an ice event and transfer over to a snow event. In that case we have routes around the city, around our medical districts and fire stations and such things, where we need emergency traffic to flow smoothly. We have our snow plows hooked up to our trucks ready to go,” Gilliland said.

TxDOT and the city are encouraging drivers to give their crews space to do their job.

“And keep their eye out for first responders. First responders are still out there responding to incidences, responding to emergencies, so we want to make sure that those first responders are safe, as well. So keep your eye out for them,” Ascencio said.

If you must get out on the roads, the agencies remind you to stay informed and take it slow, leaving plenty of time to get to your destination.

“If you don’t need to be on the roads, try not to be on the roads. No reason to put your property or your person at risk if you don’t have to,” Gilliland said.

You can find TxDOT road conditions and closures at DriveTexas.org.


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