Floydada family warns against electric fires after losing their home

Family warns others about electrical fires

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - For five years Carolina Arizpe and her husband built up and remodeled their home for their daughters. All that labor or love turned to ashes on Sunday when they got a call their home was in flames.

“Never did it cross my mind to lose my home like this,”Arizpe said. “All our sacrifices, all our hard work, all our earnings went in there. All our savings.”

Too many plugs in an outlet and extension cord caused the fire. Now, they want other people to be on the lookout.

“A cord stuck in a outlet, that could probably cause it. And stuff like this really does happen. Never did it cross our minds,” Arizpe said.

As we try to stay warm, be sure to plug appliances directly into an outlet and remember to keep space heaters away from curtains or furniture.

The fire robbed them of everything they worked for now they are asking for help.

“Everything is gone so its kind of hard to say I need a sofa or I need this because we are used to working for what we have and now we really have nothing,” Arizpe said.

You can help the Arizpe family here.

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