Melting snow, warming sun

Daybreak Today - Weather, Jan. 13

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Yesterday’s sunshine reduced the amount and extent of our snow cover. Today’s sunshine will result in an even greater reduction. Those elements, sun and diminishing snow cover, plus today’s breeze will bring a slightly warmer afternoon to the viewing area. Just ahead of a cold front tomorrow.

Snow melting visible from space

The extensive snow cover laid down by Sunday’s storm was quite clear in Tuesday’s visible satellite imagery (available when the sun is above the horizon) above. Bare ground - where there is little to no snow cover - is dark grey. The lighter shades up to white are either snow or clouds. In this loop clouds are confined to the lower right. The rest is snow on the ground. You can see the snow melting in the eastern and northern KCBD viewing area.

It will be mostly sunny, breezy and warmer this afternoon. Most of the area will have highs in the 50s. The exception will be the area southwest of Lubbock where temperatures will peak in the 40s. Winds will range from about 10 to 20 mph.

A partly cloudy sky and cold returns tonight. Though it will not be as cold as recent nights. Lows will range from the upper 20s in the northwest to the mid-30 in the east.

The next cold front blows through the KCBD viewing area tomorrow morning. It is what we refer to as a dry cold front. It will bring wind but not precipitation. Winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts of 30 to 40 mph are anticipated.

Cooling behind Thursday’s cold front will not be dramatic. In fact, some areas will see peak temperatures above todays. Highs tomorrow will range from the upper 40s in the northwest to the mid-50s in the southeast.

Mostly sunny again Friday with a chilly breeze. Lubbock area lows will be near 20 degrees and highs near 50 degrees.

Cloud cover will increase Saturday, a partly sunny and a bit breezy day. Lubbock area lows will be in the low 20s and highs in the mid-50s.

The dry weather continues Sunday and Monday. Temperatures Sunday will be similar to the day before. Monday will be windy and warmer.

Our next Potential Precipitation Producer (PPP) this morning is thousands of miles west of the US West Coast. Projections today indicate this system may bring showers to the West Texas late Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Watch our 7- and 10-Day Forecasts for possible updates.

Lubbock Climatology

The 13°F yesterday (Tuesday) morning at the airport was Lubbock’s coldest since 13° on 2/18/2019. Before tha, the coldest was 11° on 12/9/2018.

39°F was the high at the Lubbock airport yesterday, 15 degrees below the average for the date. The January 12 record high is 77° (set in 1953).

19° was the low reported at the Lubbock airport this morning (unofficial as of this writing). Lubbock’s January 13 average low is 26° and the high 54°. The record low for the date is negative 16° (set in 1963) - that’s the second coldest temperature in Lubbock’s weather record. The coldest is -17°F on February 8, 1933.

The January 13 record high is 79° (set in 1957).

Lubbock’s precipitation total (recorded at the airport) for January-to-date is 0.68″, 0.46″ above average.

Lubbock’s snowfall total (recorded at the airport) for the season-to-date is 8.2″, which is 4.0″ above the average-to-date.

Today’s sunset in Lubbock is at 6:00 PM CST. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:52 AM CST.

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