UMC EMS moves into new East Lubbock headquarters

UMC EMS moves into new headquarters

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Less than a year after the groundbreaking in December of 2019, University Medical Center EMS moved into its multi-million dollar facility housing its administrative offices, communications center and Station One.

The facility sits on five acres at East 9th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Director Thomas Moore tells KCBD the investment gives them the opportunity to expand into the future.

“Because of the area that is behind this location that we also purchased at the same time, it allows for us to build out additional facilities in the future, as the community grows,” Moore said. “As we identify needs that we may have, from a logistic standpoint, or, perhaps in other areas of the health system, we have the ability to use this site.”

The communications center, which was at South Loop 289 and Quaker Avenue, has a larger space for dispatchers and Station One, which was at the South Plains Fairgrounds, also has a third ambulance bay.

“Where we were previously located, we did not have an EMS station right next to communication center,” Moore said. “One of the things that it has allowed us to do, even in the days of social distancing, it allowed us to have opportunities to see those individuals on a more routine basis because they are right next door so to speak at what is EMS Station One.”

Moore said there’s an ability to position more resources on the eastern portion of the UMC EMS service area, whether it’s in or outside of the city of Lubbock. The expanded communications center also allows for more staffing during significant weather events or other large events requiring additional first responder resources.

The design of the facilities provides for the safety and health of the employees, from the tornado-resistant building to the ergonomics of the dispatcher’s workspace.

“I think everyone’s done a really, really great job considering we’ve had a global pandemic. The Lubbock weather can sometimes be unforgiving, as we’ve experienced in the last several days,” Moore said. “To complete a development of this size, with what it’s involved, from this building to the next, the communications tower that’s on this location, I think it’s been quite an accomplishment.”

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