City to continue vaccinations at Lubbock Civic Center next week

City to continue vaccinations at Lubbock Civic Center next week

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City of Lubbock Health Department has wrapped up this week’s vaccination appointments for eligible individuals at the Lubbock Civic Center, but says there are many more clinics to come.

Katherine Wells says this second week of vaccinations for the public has gone smoothly, saying by the end of the day at 8 p.m., 5,000 people will likely have been vaccinated this week.

Right now, the appointments are still only for 1A and 1B individuals. 1A individuals are front line workers, which Wells says have mostly gotten their vaccine. Now, most people getting the vaccine are 1B individuals, those who are 65 years old and older and those with comorbidities.

Wells says right now, they’re trying to figure out their schedule for vaccinations for next week.

“Those will be announced… hopefully tomorrow. I’m waiting on final confirmation from the state on our vaccine allocation pool.”

Wells explained the process of getting the vaccine at the Civic Center is simple. The process starts with check-in, paperwork, then vaccination, and then sitting down for 15 minutes to be monitored.

Wells says the paperwork will ask just some basic questions and you do not need to bring an insurance card.

If you need mobility assistance, Katherine Wells says call the health department at 775-2933. There is a drive-thru clinic that will bring the vaccine to you. If you can walk inside, but still need assistance, there’s a special accommodations section in the front where all stages of the vaccine process will come to you instead of you walking around the Civic Center.

Second dose vaccinations should start Jan. 25 depending on when you got your first dose and which vaccine you received.

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