Homes built on MLK day to rebuild East Lubbock’s economy

Volunteers build homes for Habitat for Humanity on MLK Day

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Dozens of volunteers and the Red Raider football team came together to build fences and other chores for Habitat for Humanity’s Talkington addition is East Lubbock.

So far eight homes have been built by volunteers and homeowners are participating in financial literacy classes and workshops to upkeep their new home.

Eventually, 80 homes are expected to be built in the Talkington Addition with the hope of bringing more economic opportunities to East Lubbock.

Life-long local resident Sandra Chatham said this ongoing project is not just about affordable housing, but the chance to build a legacy for future East Lubbock residents.

“For our people they can afford the mortgage and they can move back to the East side. Then we can revitalize the East side. The more roofs we get then the more businesses we get,” Chatham said. “We can get our schools back and just start a new life for our children period and they can build on our legacy.”

All parts of the community gathered together for these Habitat for Humanity homes, included the Texas Tech Red Raider football players.

“From elementary to high school everyone in this neighborhood is Red Raider fans, so they come out and give our kids something to look at and they see them volunteering and that will give them hope for the future,” Chatham said.

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