Rain continues overnight Sunday

KCBD Weather at 10 for Sunday, Jan. 24

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - If you want the rain, which most of the South Plains does at this point, we got some good news for you!

The storm system that we’ve been watching the last few days slowed down just a touch. So that’s done two things… First of all, the storms were able to form further to the west. Which means, as they move east over the next few hours, more of the South Plains will be able to see that beneficial rain. And the second thing, the storms have formed closer to the really good lift of the storm system, which makes them a bit stronger, which means more rain. We’ve already seen a few locations get more then a half inch of rain as of 830pm, including Sundown and Anton.

Now these storms will be producing some small hail, mostly pea size. But we’ll be watching for any areas that become enhanced. In which case, especially off the Caprock, we could see some larger sizes on the hail. It would not surprise me for one or two storms to go rogue tonight and we get a low end Severe Thunderstorm Warning… even with temperatures this cold.

Behind this rain complex, the winds are shifting and will push this all away by the morning hours. That will set up not only a breezy to windy Monday, but a dry week as well. We’ll see a storm system around Wednesday get close enough that we’ll be keeping an eye on it, but we’ll most likely miss out on any rain.

Next storm system that has a chance will be next weekend, but those chances still look rather low as of right now.

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