Spur city council reveals resignation of chief of police, officer and K9, PD will look to fill spots

Updated: Jan. 25, 2021 at 11:13 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - On Monday, a special City Council meeting convened in Spur where it was announced the Spur Police Chief resigned, as well as another officer. The council accepted the letters of resignation, and now the Police Department in Spur will work to fill the two positions.

Chief Robert Garcia and Officer Eric Keeton resigned on Friday, according to council members.

The special council meeting started with a public forum with people stating similar sentiments, hoping the police department wouldn’t be abolished. They said they weren’t sure what the city council was about to announce but they hoped the council wasn’t going to “disband” the Spur Police Department.

Mayor Louise Jones read the short letters of resignation out loud. The council unanimously accepted the letters of resignation.

The letters did not say why either individual chose to resign.

Jones says the city of Spur will advertise job openings to fill the two spots.

Jones said she had no idea where the rumors of abolishing the Police Department came from.

Chuck Former, a concerned resident said:

“As for the reasons the officers resigned, all I’ve heard is rumors so I do not want to comment. I don’t spread gossip. Whatever those reasons are. Those are entirely between the Council members and officers as to why they resigned . Yes, it was a shame to lose Dodger but I understand the contractual arrangement for the police.”

Residents in the beginning of the meeting expressed concerns about Dodger, the K9, and where he spent the weekend after being given up after his handler resigned.

Mayor Louise said the dog was not mistreated over the weekend.

“A reserve over the weekend.... we did take him out. There were not dogs in the kennel, but Dodger, so he was not in there with other dogs,” said Mayor Jones.

She said the dog was returned to the trainer in another part of Texas.

Mayor Jones says they will start advertising for new police officers soon and will submit a grant proposal to get another trained canine.

The attorney for the city said they have no comment now as why both officers resigned.

In the meantime, the Dickens County Sheriff’s Office will take over.

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