City asks residents to look out for damage after ice, snow road treatment

City asks residents to look out for damage after ice, snow road treatment

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City of Lubbock is asking for residents to be on the lookout for road damage that usually pops up after ice or snow storms, similar to what was seen last week.

Wood Franklin, director of public works, said one issue residents will start to see are potholes. That is because moisture trapped under the asphalt expands and pops out the pavement.

Crews have already been dispatched to start looking for those.

But now, people do not have to call the city to report those issues. The can download the MyLBK app and snap a photo.

“That phone knows your location with GPS, so it’s a little bit more beneficial to go ahead and record a pothole,” Frankling said.

In town, it is not just pothole-work crews are doing. All the sand and salt dropped on roads needs to be cleaned up too.

“We put out about 1,700 tons of salt and sand mix. And so, all of that has to be collected now.”

Street sweepers will also be out to make sure the mix does not get into playa lakes and other water systems.

Crews will also be grading alleyways so solid waste trucks will not have issues going through dirt alleys.

“As you see those crews out there with the yellow and amber lights flashing, please do slow down around those people that are working in the streets,” Franklin said.

For those who would rather call the city, they can be reached at 3-1-1. A link can also be found here to report road issues.

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