Guiding Hope group home needing donations for new residents

Guiding Hope group home needing donations for new residents

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Last week, five children in the foster care system became the first residents of a new group home in town.

It was opened by Guiding Hope, a child welfare agency founded in Lubbock last year.

It focuses on meeting the needs of children who are temporarily removed from their parents.

Beighlee Franks, community and development coordinator, says a primary goal is keeping kids in the communities they are from.

“We want to bring those kids back to Lubbock, where their families are, where their friends are. Because if you think about it, a lot of these kids are ripped away from any normalcy they have. They’re forced to change schools over and over.” Franks said.

Franks says there was a desperate need for an LGBTQIA home in Lubbock.

Any child who identifies in this community, who enters into region one, will automatically be accepted.

She says Guiding Hope also wants to provide a home for kids who are deemed high intense.

“There’s a need in, not just Lubbock, but I think all of the United States, to love on the kids that people have lost hope in. And so that’s why we’re Guiding Hope. We’re believing in them and pushing them to see all their potential,” Franks added.

The group home has room for seven kids ages 10 to 17, and five teenagers moved in last week.

Franks says they need clothes, good-smelling shampoo, and other everyday items we take for granted.

“I really like to give the kids like new clothes because they’re used to getting donations. They’re used to getting things with holes. But like, new clothes. The girls like makeup,” Franks said.

You can reach out on the Guiding Hope Facebook page for more information on how to donate.

The nonprofit wants to open more group homes in Lubbock and provide an independent living program, since many of their residents are close to aging out.

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