Lubbock man searching for owner of lost wedding ring

Lubbock man searching for owner of lost wedding ring

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Lubbock man is on a mission to return a lost wedding ring he found. Bill Dellinger said he found the ring last week in South Lubbock.

“I had walked out of a business. It had snowed the previous night, and when I walked out of the business, it was beginning to snow again, and I was walking to my vehicle, and found it laying on the ground,” Dellinger said.

Dellinger posted his discovery on Facebook and said he received several messages from people claiming to have lost a ring.

“A lot of heartbreaking stories that people have sent me of rings that have lost, and the meaning behind them,” Dellinger said. “Probably, I’ve already had about a hundred shares. I would say 40 or 50 have messaged with pictures and stories behind the rings.”

Despite all the messages, Dellinger has yet to find the true owner. However, he said he is determined to give it back to whom it belongs to.

“To me, it looks like it has memories. They’re missing that ring. It would make my year, I’ve had a tough last couple years, and this right here would be great to find the rightful owner of this ring.”

If you believe this ring may be yours, Dellinger said you can reach out to him on Facebook.

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