Post residents help their community on fifth day without water

Updated: Feb. 24, 2021 at 11:15 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Members of the Post community helped their fellow residents to get water again on Wednesday, which marks the fifth day residents of Post have been without safe water due damages brought by the recent historic snowstorms.

On Wednesday, some citizens said they finally had water flowing, but the city has urged them not to use it.

“We just ask the citizens to bear with us as we are dealing with this diligently,” said Michael Isbell, the Garza County Emergency Coordinator, adding they are trying to fill up their city tanks again.

Post citizens, Ryan Babb and David Riviera, drove out of the county with massive tanks to bring back gallons of well-water to distribute to Post residents with empty buckets ready to be filled next to the Fire Station, where the city was also distributing bottled water.

“You don’t think of this stuff happening … like running out of water,” said Babb.

Babb and Riviera have also been distributing water to home-bound folks. Many people in line said they were going to use it for their toilets.

“The elderly, people with kids. Like I said, Post is a small town. We all know each other,” said Babb.

Riviera also said home-bound individuals motivated him to help out.

“That’s why I started it. I was thinking of them when I started it,” said Riviera, who started distributing well-water on Monday.

“There’s a saying that’s like…. ‘Today, it’s you. Tomorrow it could be me.’ So if you can help, help,” said Riviera.

Isbell says the city has been able to distribute five to six pallets of water bottles from FEMA a day, adding he hopes safe water should be up and running Thursday, but asks citizens to expect a boil notice.

Deana Smith, City Manager of Post, said in a statement: " As I was trying to thank everyone individually, I realized that would be impossible! Y’all will never know how thankful and appreciative we are with your support and donations. Everyone’s hard work has provided the city with water. From volunteers to the ones that brought tankers of water, we thank you! I’m proud of how our community has come together in these difficult times. At this time, we are still trying to fill our tanks and change the lines. Please be patient and be understanding until this problem is resolved. We will keep you updated on the progress. Thank you!”

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