Lorenzo strawberry farmer loses his ‘labor of love’ crop to winter freeze

Lorenzo strawberry farmer loses his ‘labor of love’ crop to winter freeze

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - This is Dakota Keyser’s second year growing strawberries, and this crop was expected to yield big.

“Without the weather, we would have expected a few tons of strawberries…. yeah more like truckloads. I think, ”Keyser said.

He usually sells Caprock strawberries at the Wolfforth farmer’s market, but now, to his disappointment and that of his customers, he can’t this year.

“There is a financial loss of several thousand. Sound advice for any new farmers is to never invest more than you are willing to lose, especially with specialty crops,“ Keyser said.

Unfortunately, in Texas, you cannot insure strawberries or other specialty crops.

“On a specialty crop there is a high risk, high reward situation,“ Keyser said.

These berries require a lot of tender love and care.

“Everything here is done by hand. Planting the strawberries is done by hand. All that stuff is done by hand. Even the picking and packaging and even the delivery, so it’s an actual labor of love,“ Keyser said.

Keyser is asking people to continue to support local farmers by attending the strawberry event at the Wolfforth farmer’s market.

“There is just something about knowing some guy in Lubbock grew this strawberry and I’m eating it in Lubbock. It’s all just really local and cool,“ Keyser said.

Facebook comments suggest that some of the proceeds from the strawberry event will be donated to Caprock strawberries, but nothing is set in stone.

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