Donated picture day creates lasting memories for The Children’s Home of Lubbock

Updated: Mar. 15, 2021 at 6:43 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - While ”picture day” may sound like a simple task for some, it’s an opportunity that local foster children wouldn’t get if it weren’t for Amanda Wise and other community members who make it possible to capture a joyous moment in their lives.

“I will always cherish being able to help do this for these kids,” Amanda Wise said. “It’s just something, just a little thing out of my time that is fun for them and an experience to remember forever.”

Wise, a Lubbock native, owns and operates Wise Design Photography. Three years ago she was approached by The Children’s Home of Lubbock about providing her services to photograph the children. She agreed and recruited others to join her to provide clothing, hair and makeup and more.

“I just started reaching out to people that I knew and companies and people were just so willing,” Wise said. “Even here after the third year, I call the same people and they’re like, ‘We’d love to. What do you need?’ People are just so willing to help out. It’s been amazing to see.”

The fun experience is just one aspect of the day they want to provide to the children. The end product, the photo, is the most important part to the children who are without a forever home.

“People don’t think about it but a lot of times we have kids that don’t have any pictures growing up,” The Children’s Home Community Outreach Coordinator Denise Aguirre said. “This is really just important to make sure they have that.”

Aguirre told KCBD she was the first to reach out to Wise. She said it’s been a heartwarming experience to see the community involvement. Some of the people donating to the picture day were Eberley Brooks Events, Farmhouse Restaurant, United, Target, Dillard’s and J. Hoffman’s.

“We just want to have memories for the kiddos when they get older,” Aguirre said. “It makes them feel special when they’re picking out an outfit, getting their hair styled, and for the older teens, their makeup. It’s really important just to make them really feel special, just make it a really big day for them.”

That memory is what Wise hopes will last forever in the photo they receive.

“Memories will fade of people and you can look at a picture and it just brings back all those memories,” Wise said. “It’s just something that you can hold on to and cherish and remember for years to come.”

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