Bishop Offers A Plea for Protection, Minus the Guilt

Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 11:10 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Catholic Diocese of Lubbock offers guidance to more than 136,000 Catholics in a 25 county area around Lubbock. So what happens to the effort to reach herd immunity and stop the spread of COVID-19 here, if the Catholic population decides against the vaccine for moral reasons?

Bishop Robert Coerver leads the Lubbock Diocese. He explains, “The problem is that Johnson and Johnson and maybe some others that may be in the pipeline make use of stem cell lines that come from aborted fetuses.”

That concern prompted Bishop Coerver to issue a statement earlier, suggesting the Pfiizer or Moderna vaccine would be the better choice... if given a choice.

But Katherine Wells at the Lubbock Health Department says that choice is unlikely, “A lot of vaccine sites are only getting one brand. So you can’t pick and choose.”

The first J & J shipment came to Lubbock in a limited supply but now, Katherine says she is expecting much more to come. She says, “At the first week of April, expect to see more J & J in the community. Don’t know if (it will be) at the health dept or some of our pharmacies like United.”

No covid vaccine contains any aborted fetal cells or tissue.

But they all use fetal cell lines in the *testing to make sure it works.

As yet, only J & J uses fetal cell lines in the development and production of the vaccine.

Pope Francis received the Pfizer vaccine. Bishop Coerver says he was also given the Pfizer vaccine.

Some people might be hesitant to get the J & J shot anyway, since the Pfizer and Moderna versions are reported to be slightly more effective. The J & J advantage is that it is just one shot.

That is why Katherine says it will likely be more convenient to use the J & J single shot to vaccinate the homebound. She says, “That would mean I wouldn’t have to send a nurse out to that house twice.”

Overall, Bishop Coerver wants people to know, that if you find yourself rolling up a sleeve for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, don’t feel guilty. He says no one who takes the vaccine should feel to blame for how it was developed.

He says, “The real order of moral concern is on the part of the people in the laboratory.” The ethics behind the lab work is still controversial... but the Bishop says you can’t argue with the end result. “The greater good, on behalf of the common good is to get as many people vaccinated with whatever we can. Take whatever vaccine is available to you… please.”

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