Self-defense instructor applauds Lubbock woman’s actions in attempted kidnapping

Updated: Mar. 18, 2021 at 7:45 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Texas Tech grad student, Brynn Stewart, says she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping Tuesday on her morning walk.

Instructor at 10 10 Defense, Kristi Wuensche, wants others to learn from Stewart’s story.

“Brynn did absolutely everything right,” Wuensche said.

Wuensche says because Stewart was aware of her surroundings, she was able to notice someone was following her.

“Then she changed her trajectory. She changed her pattern and walked across the street. Well when he followed, she knew his intent is probably not good,” Wuensche explained.

Wuensche says part of being aware is removing distractions, like being on your phone or having headphones in.

“An easy target is a distracted target, and so by using your phone, you are distracted. By reading a text, an email, you are distracted,” Wuensche said.

Allison Matherly at LPD says officers were able to quickly respond to the scene because Stewart used her phone as a tool.

“A really great tip is your, if you hold down the power button and the volume button on, at least your iPhone, it will, and just keep holding it, it will automatically place a 911 call,” Matherly said.

When the attacker tried to grab Stewart, she yelled, broke free and ran for help.

Wuensche says mental defense is the best insurance policy.

She’s teaching people to think about what they would do, before ever ending up in a dangerous situation.

She demonstrated a few of her techniques.

“So my forearm is going to go to his forearm, and I pop it off. Boom, that’s it,” Wuensche explained.

She says once you break free, you have to do something to distract the aggressor so you can run.

Wuensche advises striking sensitive vital areas.

“Boom. I can go straight into throat shot, eyes, and then groin,” Wuensche added.

Matherly says Lubbock doesn’t see these types of cases frequently, but no one should let their guard down.

Since Stewart reported what happened, Matherly says officers can keep investigating.

“The investigation is still pretty early, but we are continuing that investigation and looking for the individual involved,” Matherly said.

Even if you can’t talk, Matherly says placing a 911 call will allow officers to find your location and quickly respond.

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