Fans heartbroken after news of Chris Beard’s departure from Texas Tech University

Updated: Apr. 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - When the news of beard’s departure broke Thursday morning, it didn’t take long for a frenzy of reaction to hit social media here in Lubbock and across the country.

Many Red Raiders were heartbroken and lots of heartache and as soon as the first rumblings of Beard’s departure broke on Twitter, the internet exploded.

Let’s take a look at some of the posts online:

@Da_GoofyGoober said “Chris beard is about to go from being the most loved person in west texas to possibly the most hated.”

@LonghornFocus Posting this meme saying they’re excited to see what Coach Beard does in Austin.

Some fans even making side references to HBO’s show, ‘Game Of Thrones’ saying “the north remembers.”

But its not all hate, Texas 1809 posting this on facebook:

Texas 1809 already planning to be gracious hosts to the Red Raiders next leader.

Other fans feel betrayed by beards departure, like @JonahTulsNFL

Teresa Stephens over at Cast Iron Grill wishing Beard well in Austin on Facebook.

Many fans today upset with beard’s departure news along with Josh Abbott announcing retirement, which is too much for some Texans to handle today. (it was later found out Abbott’s retirement was an April Fool’s Day joke.)

Other fans thanking Coach Beard and wish him well in Austin, like @coltonwllmss

And seen here… everyone a little bit upset in this office at @CampusLiveTTU

And @DrayeD72 even calls to “Protect Mahomes” today after news from Coach Beard, Kyler Edwards, and the Josh Abbott Band.

And speaking of Mahomes, @PatrickMahomes posted this gif today.

I think his tweet today best sums up how us, the Red Raiders feel on this April Fool’s Day.

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