Vaccinated people can celebrate Easter differently this year: Here’s how

CDC updates guidelines for Easter celebration

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Despite vaccine access, health officials warn that we cannot lower our guard this Easter weekend.

However, Public Health Authority Ron Cook said if you are fully vaccinated, you can now do things that weren’t possible last Easter.

“We had a really good day yesterday at the Civic Center; we set a record number of vaccines that were given - over 3000 - and so in that included the Easter Bunny. We still need to do several of those to continue to get people vaccinated,” Cook said.

So far 60,000 adults in Lubbock County have been fully vaccinated, which is almost 25 percent of eligible residents, according to state data.

“So the goal there is, we still need to get 60 to 70%. We still need to push up. We’ve got a ways to go yet,” Cook said.

The CDC says you’re considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your second dose or after your single Johnson and Johnson’s dose. Ron Cook says only then can your behavior change.

“If you’re vaccinated, you’re fully vaccinated, and other members of the household are vaccinated, then those people can get together and not wear a mask and have Easter,” Cook said.

However, if you’re not fully vaccinated or someone high risk is not vaccinated, Cook says, don’t take a chance.

“To just to play it safe, especially that high risk individual, we don’t want them getting sick, because one they’re high risk, and they just may not do well. Wearing a mask is...we’re pretty much used to it by now,” Cook said.

Cook is asking folks to hold on just a while longer because things are looking better, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

“Our numbers are better. Our vaccine numbers are higher. Our hospital numbers are better. We’re on the right track. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing. Let’s keep pushing down the road. I really think by the end of the summer, we’re going to be really well off,” Cook said.

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