Weekend cold fronts, next week’s rain

KCBD Daybreak morning forecast - Thurs., April 8

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Cold fronts and our next chance of precipitation. Those are the focus of today’s weather story.

As noted here yesterday, I anticipate a cold front late tomorrow (Friday) and another Sunday night. Both fronts will bring gusty winds, warming before arrival, and cooling following.

Neither, however, will bring precipitation to the South Plains region.

For our next PPP - Potential Precipitation Producer - we look toward the middle of next week. Compared to yesterday, the potential this morning is looking a little better.

Today, before the next cold front, our weather will be quite mild.

This morning is fair, winds light, the air chilly with most of the area in the 40s.

This afternoon will be mostly sunny, breezy, and warm. Highs will range from near 80 in the northwestern viewing area to the mid-80s in the southeast. Winds will become westerly at about 10 to 20 mph, though a bit stronger over the western viewing area.

Once again, refrain from outdoor burning or other activity involving open flames (BBQ grills not included), sparks, or equipment generating high heat (such as vehicle exhaust systems).

This evening mostly cloudy with gusty winds. Overnight winds will become light and it won’t be as chilly.

Friday morning will be mostly fair and cool with lows in the mid-40s northwest to mid-50s southeast. It will become breezy.

Tomorrow is April 9. I mention it because it is the average date of the last Spring freeze for Lubbock. This is the time of year we begin to see the last freezes in Spring in the KCBD viewing area. The earliest dates are in the southeastern viewing area with the latest dates in the northeast.

The average date of Lubbock’s last freeze in Spring is April 9. That is the average. Actual dates vary by more than two months. The earliest last freeze in Lubbock’s record was in 2012, on February 24. The latest on record was in 1938, on May 8.

Tomorrow, Friday, will be mostly sunny with a gusty and very warm afternoon. Temperatures will peak near or slightly above today’s levels. The wind will become northwesterly and increase to about 15 to 25 mph. There will be some stronger gusts.

The first of two fronts this weekend is expected Friday evening. As noted, I don’t expect any rain with this front. Winds will be gusty and there will be cooling behind the front.

Saturday will be mostly sunny. The morning chilly, the afternoon warm with a slight breeze. Highs will range from near 70 degrees to the mid-70s.

The second front is expected Sunday night.

Sunday will become partly cloudy, gusty, and very warm. Temperatures will peak in the 80s.

Monday will be dry and quite a bit cooler.

Tuesday through Thursday brings a chance of precipitation back to the KCBD viewing area and West Texas. Please see my 10-Day Forecast here on the Weather Page (after closing this story) for the latest and for updates.

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