Strawberry crop surprises farmers with fruit after winter freeze

Strawberry crop survives winter freeze

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The winter storm froze many of his plants right before harvest, so farmer Dakota Keyser says he didn’t think they would make it.

“Expectations were pretty low after that event in February,” Keyser said. “We were caught off guard with the strawberries. It was like, “Oh, there are a few little green ones, then all of a sudden everything starts turning red.”

Usually, the berries are ready for picking in March, but they started popping up last week.

“So we kind of got our season cut in half. We should have been harvesting back in March, but we are grateful for what we have. We have like five weeks,” Keyser said.

Strawberry expert Russel Wallace says they are resilient in winter weather.

“We’re making a minimum amount enough to satisfy our pre-orders. We hope to get our pre orders done in the next week or two and then have enough to take to the market.”

Now Keyser has a new problem, not enough berries to meet demand.

“We got to cut you off, Lubbock. I’m sorry,” Keyser said.

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