Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s vehicle registration waiver expires Wednesday

Updated: Apr. 14, 2021 at 5:27 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Starting Thursday, you can once again start getting tickets for expired vehicle tags. Governor Greg Abbott’s waiver on registrations will expire at midnight.

After local and state government offices closed last year due to the pandemic, Governor Abbott gave Texas drivers an extension in 2020, to prevent them from getting unfair citations.

Blanca Jaushlin, a Motor Vehicle Supervisor at the Lubbock County Tax Assessor And Vehicle Registration Office explained, “It waved everybody’s registration and title fee and all that stuff to where you don’t need to have it registered, and you’re not going to get stopped.”

But starting April 15, 2021, Texans can once again receive a ticket for an expired registration sticker.

Jaushlin explained how the state uses those annual registration fees.

“It’s important because the money that- There’s different parts that it goes to,” Jaushlin said. “It goes to fixing the roads. There’s DPS fees. There’s child safety fees. There’s a lot of places where that goes to and part of it goes to your county.”

Here’s how you can renew your registration.

“You’re actually going to have to go get your car inspected first,” Jaushlin said. “You’re going to need a current inspection. Then you’re going to call us to make an appointment or go online and make an appointment to our main office.”

You can also complete the renewal online, click here to find the link to that.

Find more information on Abbott’s waiver, click here.

To find more information on the Texas DMV website, click here.

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