Freeze this weekend for some

KCBD Daybreak Today - Weather, April 16

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Today began much like yesterday, with spotty light rain showers and sprinkles, fog and mist, and temperatures in the 40s. Changes, however, are unfolding. One of the changes follows a cold front with a freeze likely for parts of the viewing area. Click “Read More...” for my latest outlook.

Every weather station (that I have access to) in the viewing area recorded measurable rainfall during this event. Amounts varied from just a few hundredths to over an inch. Updated totals are listed later in this post.

This afternoon through the weekend there may be occasional sprinkles or even spotty light rain showers. I expect little in the way of measurable rain, a trace to perhaps one or two hundredths of an inch. We may get peeks of blue sky this afternoon but generally it will be mostly cloudy through the weekend.

Freeze Outlook

A freeze is likely tonight (Saturday morning) and again Saturday night (Sunday morning) over the northwestern viewing area. The northwestern part of Lubbock County may be near freezing by sunrise Saturday. I don’t anticipate it will get quite that cold in the City (Lubbock) but my forecast lows are close.

Damage to tender vegetation is possible where temperatures drop to freezing (32° or below).

Another freeze is possible, at least for parts of the viewing area, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

Watch for updates in the forecast section here on our Weather Page.

Earliest Triple-Digit Temp

Today is the anniversary of Lubbock’s earliest occurrence of a 100-Degree-Day -- any day the temperature hits triple-digits, even for a moment. Lubbock peaked at 100°F on this date in 1925.

Lubbock Climatology

50°F was the high at the Lubbock airport yesterday, 25 degrees below the average for the date! The coolest high on record, however, was 47° in 1981. The April 15 record high is 92° (set in 1925 and tied in 2006).

46° was the low reported at the Lubbock airport this morning (unofficial as of this writing). It is likely, however, Lubbock will drop below that before midnight (which would be the low for day). Lubbock’s April 16 average low is 46° and the high 76°. The record low for the date is 31° (set in 1947) and the record high 100° (set in 1925).

Lubbock’s weather record dates from January 1911.

Today’s sunset in Lubbock is at 8:19 PM CDT. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:14 AM CDT.

Rain Event Totals

Every weather station (that I have access to) in the viewing area recorded measurable rainfall during this event. The updated list follows. By early afternoon I’ll post it on my “Steve Divine KCBD” Facebook page..

The Lubbock airport recorded 0.14 inch of rain (as of 10:30 AM CDT Friday). That’s the total at the Lubbock airport for April to date. It’s 0.48″ below the average for the month to date. The total for the year to date is 3.70″, which is 0.58″ above average.

Rain totals (Tuesday through 10:20 AM CDT Friday) from around the KCBD viewing area, courtesy of the Texas Tech West Texas Mesonet (in inches):

1.95 Aspermont

1.71 Knox City

1.20 Seminole

1.09 Jayton

0.96 Lake Alan Henry

0.90 Estelline

0.89 Guthrie

0.88 S Plains 3ENE

0.81 Childress

0.73 Turkey

0.70 Northfield

0.68 Fluvanna

0.66 Caprock Canyons

0.62 Gail

0.62 Vigo Park

0.60 Paducah

0.58 Hackberry

0.53 Silverton

0.50 Spur

0.47 Rotan

0.41 Roaring Springs

0.40 Memphis

0.38 Snyder SSW

0.36 McAdoo

0.36 Post

0.35 Snyder

0.35 White River Lake

0.28 Aiken

0.26 Tulia

0.22 Slaton

0.21 Floydada

0.17 Graham

0.17 Hart

0.17 Tahoka

0.16 Happy

0.14 O’Donnell

0.13 Plainview

0.12 Earth

0.11 Amherst

0.10 Dimmitt

0.10 Ralls

0.09 Lamesa

0.09 New Home

0.09 Seagraves

0.09 Sundown

0.09 Tatum

0.08 NW Lubbock

0.08 Olton

0.08 Wolfforth

0.07 Abernathy

0.07 Denver City

0.06 Levelland

0.06 Morton

0.06 Muleshoe

0.06 Welch

0.05 Anton

0.05 Brownfield

0.05 Friona

0.05 Smyer

0.04 Hobbs

0.04 Reese Center

0.03 Plains

The Mesonet

Most Mesonet stations are not located in the community they are named for but are nearby. The characters following each community above refer to the automated weather station location in miles and the direction from the community’s center. Typically, that’s the Courthouse or City Hall, sometimes the downtown or business district. “Seminole 2NNE” is the station approximately two miles north-northeast of the center of Seminole. Rainfall in Seminole may have been less or greater.

Severe Weather Awareness Day

Severe Weather Awareness Day is one week from today, Friday, April 23. This year it will be virtual. Designed for students, teachers can sign up their classrooms for one of three 50-minute virtual sessions here:

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