FREEZE WATCH Lubbock and South Plains

FREEZE WATCH Lubbock and South Plains
Daybreak Today - Weather, April 19 (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Most of the KCBD-South Plains area will warm into the 70s this afternoon. There is, however, a freeze watch for late tonight and tomorrow morning. And a freeze seems more likely the following night-morning.

This afternoon will be mostly sunny and breezy. The sunshine and southwesterly wind will help push temperatures into the 70s across much of the viewing area.

Late tonight our weather will become partly cloudy, windy, and will turn colder. There is the potential for much of the area on the Caprock, including Lubbock, to drop to near or below freezing. The National Weather Service in Lubbock has issued a Freeze Watch for late tonight into Tuesday morning.

You can view the WATCH area, and check for a Freeze Warning which may follow, in the Interactive Radar here on our Weather Page. Close this story and scroll down until you see the map. Access the menu by clicking/tapping on “Layers” in the lower right. Scroll down through the choices to the “Alerts” section and select “Winter”.

You can click/tap anywhere in the shaded area to call up additional information.

You can do the same with the Interactive Radar in our free KCBD Weather App.

This WATCH is a heads up that there may be freezing/subfreezing temperatures from late tonight through Tuesday morning. Cold-sensitive vegetation, such as new growth, may be damaged or killed. Steps to protect at risk plants, pipes, and pets should be completed today.

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