Planned Parenthood responds to May 1 election outcome

Updated: May. 3, 2021 at 3:34 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) - The following is a news release from Planned Parenthood:

Since opening the Planned Parenthood Lubbock health center last year, hundreds of patients have received affordable, expert reproductive healthcare services. Our doors will remain open to patients seeking care critical to a community facing rates of sexually transmitted infection (STIs) and teen pregnancy that exceed both state and national averages, as well as higher uninsured rates and the accompanying health outcome challenges.

The Lubbock ordinance approved on May 1, 2021 establishes an abortion ban for Lubbock residents, creating significant barriers and the need to travel a minimum 600 mile round trip or out of state to obtain an abortion. Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas is carefully reviewing the impact of the ordinance, and will make decisions soon regarding the availability of abortion services in Lubbock. Access to healthcare services, including abortion, should not be determined by someone’s zip code, especially when these restrictions will disproportionately impact low income women and women of color. We remain committed to advocating for access to abortion for any Texan, including here in Lubbock.

Planned Parenthood is proud to provide patient assistance funds for preventive healthcare appointments for eligible patients. For more than 85 years Texans have trusted Planned Parenthood for affordable, expert healthcare services including breast and cervical cancer screenings; HIV tests; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infection; PrEP and PEP medication to prevent HIV transmission; all FDA-approved birth control (including IUDs and implants); treatment for urinary tract and vaginal infections; annual well visits; HPV vaccines, flu vaccines, and other essential healthcare services.

All are welcome at Planned Parenthood regardless of insurance or documentation status, your income level, where you live or who you love

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