LPD launching One More May initiative to help Lubbock drivers get home safe

Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 8:50 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - For the first four months of this year, Lubbock averaged one traffic fatality a week. After seeing that statistic, Lieutenant Eric Quijada came up with the idea “One More May.”

For the entire month, the Lubbock Police Department will be posting on social media to remind people to take one more moment to reach their destination safely.

“Look one more time before they leave a stop sign, wait one more second before they cross that green light intersection, look one more car ahead of them while they’re on the highway, leave one minute early, just things like that just to make a little difference,” Quijada said.

“It’s simple, but it is so extremely effective. And it’s something easy that we can do throughout the month of May to remind the public just take one more second to ensure that you’re able to get home to your family and friends,” L. P. D. spokesperson Kasie Davis said.

Quijada says while many of this year’s fatal crashes are still under investigation, a third of them were due to speed.

He says even in non-fatal wrecks, failure to control speed causes a majority of crashes in Lubbock.

“Just one minute can make a big difference and just, it’s not worth it. Speeding across town, you’re not going to make it there any faster to make a difference,” Quijada said.

Another third of this year’s fatal crashes involved alcohol.

The remaining fatal wrecks were because of medical conditions or distracted driving.

“It’s just hard to see the death from what I would call silly mistakes that could have been avoided,” Quijada said.

To avoid a crash, Quijada says pay attention, drive at or below the speed limit, use your turn signal and never use the turn lane as a merge lane.

Young men in Lubbock are defying one stereotype about drivers.

“Male drivers between the ages of 25 and 29 have far more crashes than female drivers of the same age,” Quijada said.

Quijada has one last request for “One More May.”

“Hug your family member one more time before you leave, because you never know, there are unforeseen circumstances that could happen that’s under no one else’s control,” Quijada said.

Davis says the campaign isn’t in competition with other programs in our area, like the 5-5-5 initiative started by Lieutenant Eric Hill’s family.

She says it’s just another effort to make sure that everyone gets home to their families.

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