WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: LPD releases body cam footage from viral video arrest

Updated: May. 9, 2021 at 10:32 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock police have now released body cam video of an arrest that went viral on social media this week, showing a woman struggling with officers as they attempted to arrest her.

LPD released the body cam video on Saturday afternoon, noting that footage inside the residence has been redacted.

LPD cites Texas law in the redaction, saying “A law enforcement agency may not release any portion of a recording made in a private space, or of a recording involving the investigation of conduct that constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by fine only and does not result in arrest, without written authorization from the person who is the subject of that portion of the recording or, if the person is deceased, from the person’s authorized representative.”

The two viral videos, less than a minute each, both from inside the house, have been viewed and shared thousands of times on Facebook.

It’s a chaotic scene that shows officers attempting to handcuff a woman in a home, and later using a taser to incapacitate her.

The video shows an officer attempting to restrain her, and the two appear to fall into a nearby wall.


Police said, “Please remember that videos seen on social media showcase only part of the facts. After an initial review of the body camera footage, there is no indication any LPD policy was violated,” in a statement released Friday.

LPD says the videos were taken in the 2400 block of 32nd Street, but the incident began in the area of 66th and Avenue T around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Police tell us they had responded to a civil disturbance call where two people, 20-year-old Cedrick Payton and 17-year-old Dakeyvondrick Westbrook, were accused of demanding money and threatening an unnamed victim with a gun.

When police found the suspects, they attempted to drive away, then pulled into a driveway. One suspect ran into a house, ignoring commands from police.

Authorities report a third person, 37-year-old Marquinta Westbrook, attempted to block officers from making an arrest.

Marquinta is the person shown in the videos shared to Facebook.

We are told authorities arrested three people: Payton for aggravated assault, Daykavondrick Westbrook for evading arrest and 37-year-old Marquinta Westbrook for resisting arrest, interfering with public duties and four misdemeanor warrants.

We have reached out to the original poster of those videos for comment and we are expecting body camera footage from the officers on the scene.

Here’s the full text of the statement released by LPD on Friday afternoon:

(LUBBOCK, TX) – Just after 5 p.m. Thursday, May 6, Lubbock Police were called to the area of 66th Street and Avenue T for reports of a civil disturbance involving two individuals demanding money and threatening a victim with a firearm. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the victim and were able to identify the two suspects making the threats.

Responding officers then traveled to the 2400 block of 32nd Street where they believed the suspects to be located based on statements made at the original call for service. As they arrived, officers observed a vehicle matching the description leave the residence at a high rate of speed, attempting to evade officers. The vehicle pulled into a driveway of the residence at which time one of the two suspects exited the vehicle in an attempt to flee by running into the residence, ignoring the officer’s commands to stop.

After several attempts to gain entry into the residence, a third individual attempted to prevent officers from locating the suspect. Officers then attempted to apprehend the third individual, but were called to the front yard to assist fellow officers with the original suspect who exited the residence out of another point of entry. After the two suspects from the vehicle were placed in handcuffs, officers attempted to place the third individual under arrest and she continued to resist. In order to place the third individual under arrest officers attempted to deploy a taser, but the connection was unsuccessful. At that point, the officers used the taser to gain compliance through a drive-stun application of the taser, in accordance with LPD policy. Once the officer gained compliance, the woman was placed under arrest.

The individuals arrested were 20-year-old Cedrick Payton for aggravated assault, 17-year-old Dakeyvondrick Westbrook for evading arrest or detention, and 37-year-old Marqunita Westbrook for resisting arrest, interfering with public duties and four misdemeanor warrants.

Please remember that videos seen on social media showcase only part of the facts. Multiple officers were able to capture a variety of perspectives that detail the entire incident and the events leading up to the few moments shown on videos currently circulating on social media.

After an initial review of the body camera footage, there is no indication any LPD policy was violated. Per LPD policy, the call for service will be reviewed through the department’s use of force policy.

The Lubbock Police Department appreciates the public’s understanding and cooperation in allowing our processes to be followed, providing for a thorough review as is conducted for all uses of force incidents.

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