Betenbough working to protect clients after ransomware attack

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 8:53 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Betenbough Companies are trying to protect their clients after Russian hackers leaked personal information.

Less than 12 hours after a group of organized Russian cybercriminals hacked Betenbough’s system, staff detected the breach.

The company hired a cyber security expert and filed a case with the FBI.

They are now shifting their focus to helping customers at risk.

“We’re deeply sorry that this has happened to them. We know a lot of our customers and trade partners, this could affect them. At the very least, cause them concern or frustration and so I would just say I’m sorry,” Betenbough Homes president Cal Zant said.

Hackers held the developer’s data for ransom, similar to the Colonial Pipeline Attack.

The business hired a security consultant about two weeks ago, less than 24 hours after the breach.

“Then unfortunately, on Saturday, we learned that a few of our customers’ sensitive personal information had been posted on the dark web,” Zant said.

Betenbough closed the intrusion point and rebuilt the system on a more secure platform.

“I have been blown away by what these guys have been able to do in the amount of time since the attack started and how much ground they’ve been able to make. I actually believe our systems are more secure today than they ever have been,” Zant said.

The attack affected less than five percent of contacts in their system. 98 percent of those are in Texas.

Betenbough has sent an email to the Texas clients at risk and will continue to notify other at-risk individuals in other states soon.

“Our team feels confident that there’s, we don’t have the same vulnerability right now that we did before that led to this,” Zant said.

Betenbough is offering LifeLock, an identity monitoring and restoration service, at no cost to the at-risk group for up to one year.

They also set up a call center to help people navigate the next steps. If you received an email from Betenbough that you’re information is at risk, the number is included there.

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