Time to think about Heat Safety

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 6:10 AM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Today will be the first since last summer with wide-spread triple-digit temperatures in the KCBD viewing area. And the first in quite some time where no cooling showers are in sight.

With the changing overall weather pattern, the viewing area is trending drier and hotter. Today will be the hottest so far. Highs will range from the mid- and upper 90s in the northern and eastern viewing area, to near 100 around Lubbock, and to around 102 degrees in the southwestern viewing area.

In addition to very hot, this afternoon will be mostly sunny with only a slight breeze.

Tomorrow will be even hotter. Highs will peak from near 100 to 105 degrees across the KCBD viewing area. There will be a slight breeze in open areas.

A few isolated strong thunderstorms may pop up Wednesday afternoon along the dryline. Guidance this morning identifies the most likely location near or more likely just east of the I27-H87 corridor. The most likely time is around peak heating, late afternoon into early evening. Though isolated, any storms may become severe with damaging wind gusts and large hail.

Time to Think Heat Safety

NEVER leave children in a vehicle, even for a moment, as temperatures will rise to life-threatening levels in just minutes. Never an adult with health issues or a pet inside a parked vehicle. Every time you get out of a vehicle, check the back seat.

Your body cools itself by perspiration, give it the raw material to produce it. Drink a lot of water. Avoid caffeine.

Strenuous and/or outdoor activities should be limited to the early morning or late evening hours whenever possible.

Stay in air-conditioned environments as much as possible.

Long-sleeved, light weight, light colored, loose fitting clothing provides more protection from the sun and will keep you cooler than no sleeves or short sleeves and/or shorts if you are in the sun.

Use 30+ SPF sunscreen. Sunburn reduces your body’s ability to cool itself.

Signs of Heat Illness

In this heat, if you are in the sun and not sweating, you need immediate medical attention! If someone shows signs of heat illness move them to a cool location and call 911. Know and watch for the signs of heat illness:

If you or someone else is experiencing excessive sweating, weakness, and/or cold, pale and clammy skin, irregular or weak pulse, fainting or vomiting - you (or another victim) may be suffering Heat Exhaustion. Get out of the sun, preferably in an air-conditioned space, lay down, loosen clothing, apply cool wet cloths. Sip water, do not gulp it down. If your condition does not improve, seek immediate medical attention.

IF you or someone else is experiencing any of the above, AND your body temperature is 106°F or higher, your skin is hot and dry, your pulse rapid and strong, or if unconsciousness occurs, CALL 911. DO NOT take or give a victim fluid. Do not wait for improvement, you or any other victim may be suffering Heat Stroke, which is a severe medical emergency. Get the victim to a hospital immediately - delay may mean the difference between life and death.

Watch the temperature and rain trends in our Daily and 10-Day forecasts available 24-7 in our free KCBD Weather app and right here on our Weather Page (after closing this story).

Lubbock Climatology

97° was the high at the Lubbock airport yesterday. That is six degrees above the average for the date. The June 7 record high is 103° (set in 1994).

70° was the low reported at the Lubbock airport this morning (unofficial as of this writing). Lubbock’s June 8 average low is 64° and the high 91°. The record low for the date is 43° (set in 1915) and the record high 106° (set in 1981).

A trace of rain was recorded early yesterday at the Lubbock Airport. The total for June so far is 1.00″. That is 0.32″ above average through June 7. The year-to-date total is 10.61″, which is 3.51″ above average for January 1 through June 7.

Lubbock’s weather record dates from January 1911.

Today’s sunset in Lubbock is at 8:56 PM CDT. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 6:37 AM CDT.

Rainfall Totals

Rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 10:30 AM today in and near the KCBD viewing area (via the TT Mesonet):

0.64 Spur

0.63 Jayton

0.64 White River Lake

0.58 Dimmitt

0.56 Paducah

0.55 Aiken

0.49 Turkey

0.47 Aspermont

0.43 Guthrie

0.43 Northfield

0.38 Friona

0.37 Roaring Springs

0.36 Caprock Canyons

0.27 Estelline

0.28 Ralls

0.18 South Plains 3ENE

0.16 McAdoo

0.16 Vigo Park

0.13 Silverton

0.13 Tulia

0.12 Childress

0.12 Hart

0.08 Floydada

0.04 Abernathy

0.03 Plainview

0.01 Brownfield

0.01 Fluvanna

0.01 Graham

0.01 Memphis

0.01 Muleshoe

0.01 O’Donnell

0.01 Olton

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