Unreliable elevators, erratic AC: Inside Lubbock Police headquarters before their big move

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 7:17 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - City council recently approved construction of the new Lubbock Police Headquarters, as part of their Public Safety project.

City officials have said an update to the building has been long overlooked because it is unclear when Lubbock Police moved into the original city hall.

Assistant Chief Neal Barron gave KCBD a tour inside on Wednesday, revealing just how much the building has been modified over the decades and why it’s so inefficient as a law enforcement workplace.

First off, Barron said officers choose not to use the elevators because they’re unreliable.

“The fire department has had to come over here and get us out of the elevator because it sticks between floors. Of course, we’re able to get that repaired when it happens. But nonetheless, it happens,” Barron said.

Various modifications have been made through the years, made obvious by the changing wall colors and the state of the air conditioning.

“When you do any type of reconstruction or remodel to a building and make it fit what you need other than what it’s designed for, you have to build walls in places where walls weren’t initially designed to be, and that can affect your heating and cooling of different rooms,” Barron said.

Many of the offices are cubicle style, instead of an open bull pen layout like other law enforcement buildings. Barron said since the building was not created with law enforcement in mind, the design makes it difficult to exchange case information.

“There aren’t enough offices in this area to keep all those squads here. So the Sexual Assault Squad, that actually has another area of the building where they are located,” Barron said.

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